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Achieving unprecedented and consistent growth in any industry means identifying, understanding, and controlling the ever-changing variables responsible for success in a dynamic marketplace. Doing this well demands expertise and creativity.


My diverse portfolio of clients spans a variety of industries from entertainment to manufacturing with needs ranging from branding and website design and development to marketing collateral, communications strategy, graphic design, and social media strategy.

As a strategic partner, brand manager, and creative, I give my clients the competitive advantage they seek.   

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Wendy Ralph
    I began my career in academia in the fields of English (PhD, ABD), the Arts (MA), and Communications (BA). I'm an internationally published and award-winning author, instructor, and designer. Having taught for Johns Hopkins University (The T.J. Eckleburg Review), The University of South Carolina, Boise State University, and others, I departed academia and founded WR Creative Consulting, co-founded Sedulo Communications and, most recently, co-founded From High Tide Omnimedia, a multi-channel consultancy firm dedicated to helping 1M women start and successfully market their own businesses. With experience in marketing, public relations, communications, copywriting, publishing, branding, graphic design, photography, web development, social media optimization, and more, I enjoy a diverse portfolio of clients. I believe versatility is my superpower and a dynamic marketplace demands the insight of a strategist and the creativity of an artist. When I'm not working, I enjoy spending time with my family—usually watching a hockey game, playing tennis, or at one of the gorgeous beaches near my home in Estero, Florida.

What's on my desk right now...

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Full Focus Planner

Planner by Michael Hyatt 

The #1 Daily Planner to Set Annual Goals, Increase Focus, Eliminate Overwhelm, and Achieve Your Biggest Goals 


Building A Story Brand

Book on Branding

More than half-a-million business leaders have discovered the power of the StoryBrand Framework. And they are making millions.


Leuchtturm Notebook

 Perfect, Lined Notebook

My absolute favorite notebook for more than two decades (gasp). You'll ALWAYS find this on my desk. It's beautiful and functional.


“Wendy is one of the most inspiring individuals I have worked with in my career. Not only is she simply an exceptional person, but her ability to bring to the table the right mix of artistic inspiration, collaborative nature, and intuition makes her the perfect partner for any communications project--marketing, PR, social media, photography, graphic design, or writing project. She does it all. I really appreciate how Wendy is always able to intimately understand how stakeholders/influencers think and ultimately make decisions based on her second-to-none research skills. Wendy has the unique ability to leverage her true artistic vision, formidable design skills, and accomplished background as a writer to (without fail) knock projects out of the ballpark. And, on top of her impressive skills, she is fun to work with and an asset to any team."   


Stephanie Worrell, CEO, Sedulo Communications        

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